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Trip to Glen Echo

By lem at 5:02 pm on May 29, 2006 | No comments

Recently Erin and I went out to Glen Echo, MD (near Bethesda, MD) to have brunch and walk around. Glen Echo Park started out as a Trolley Park in the early part of the 20th century, located at the end of Washington, DC’s #20 trolley line. In recent years the National Park Service has done considerable work in repairing and modernizing Glen Echo Park. If they added some public transit, I have no doubt it could return to its former glory as an escape for the urbanites of DC.

The parking lot looked pretty full on the Sunday morning we visited, so I just chained up my Vespa to the nearest fence and walked around stress-free! To view the whole set of pictures from the trip, please check out my Flickr set.

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