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Putting Traffic Cameras to Work

By lem at 9:48 pm on February 7, 2006 | No comments

DC Traffic CameraOne nice thing about Washington DC is that there are dozens of traffic cameras located throughout the city. There happens to be one just up the street from my apartment with a clear view of the sidewalk in front. These cameras are accessible via the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) website, When I park my Vespa in front of my apartment, I can check up on it 24/7 via the DDOT website. I used to think such cameras seemed a bit intrusive, but I believe I’ve found a way to put them to work for me. Though I don’t know for certain, I’d like to think that if anything ever happened to my scooter while parked out front, I could ask DDOT to retrieve archived video footage to help solve the case.

Most recently, there was a city work crew doing work on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. I was able to periodically check-in remotely to make sure my Vespa was never in their way. And of course, it’s always flattering to watch people stare in amazement as they walk past my parked Vespa!

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